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Import from Excel

The Excel Import Tool allows you to manage the information in an Excel File but then import the data into the application. All you need to do is to download the file to your machine, update the data and click the copy button. Then, just paste the information into the box below.

1. Download the Excel File

The first step is to download the Microsoft Excel file to your local machine. You will be making updates to the information there instead of the online forms. The excel document has instructions on what you need to do. If you are concerned with malicious code then open the developer code view and see. There is nothing happening but a simple data copy. Also, remember we don’t ask for account numbers, users ids, contact information or anything related to you personally. This information will never leave your computer.


Download File



2. Update the Tabs of Information

There are six tabs of information including Current Information, Retirement Information, Configuration Information, Bucket Information, Account Information, and Net Worth Information. Many of these have default values which can easily be overridden. Once you are done with the information update, return to the Instructions and click the “Load Data to Clipboard” which will copy all the information into the a holding location.



3. Paste Information and Update

Now, the easy part. Position your cursor on the data field below and “Right Click” your mouse to paste or use the tool bar at the top. Once the data has been copied into the form then click “Save Information”. That’s It! You are Done! Now, you have a real quick way to update your information.



Instructions: Right click the text box below and select copy.