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Quick Start Guide

Get a View into Your Financial Future

Welcome to the get Started guide. Follow the steps below and you will get a great overview of what this tool can do for you. Have fun and see what you need to do to have a secure financial future.

Step 1

Let's Load Some Sample Data and Take a Tour.

Do you want to see the RetireWithLess application working? If so let's copy over some information from one of our six profiles. This will load up the system with sample data where you can take a look around are the various dashboards and utilities. You can’t hurt anything and you can always clear the data in order to start over with your information.

Copy a Sample Profile

Step 2

Ready to Get Started.

On the home screen, you see a form with four fields. These four fields will get you to about an 80% accuracy as far as an initial Retirement Plan. Clearly, we will make assumptions on your situation such as Social Security, Pension, Monthly Expenses, etc. That being said, the picture that will emerge will provide you with a great place to start.

Return Home

Step 3

Get More Accurate!

80% sounds really great but we can do better. Let’s review some of the assumptions that we made on the Profile Information and Configuration Pages. Was our guess at Social Security correct? How about living expenses? Make the changes you see needed.

Update Data

Step 4

Advanced Information

RetireWithLess offers two more additional capabilities that could be of use depending on the level of detail. First, you can get down to the Account Level of information and be able to see all of your accounts on a single screen. You can also track your net worth with our quick load utility.

Update the Accounts